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If you feel like you're getting crushed by taxes, you're not alone. Many successful business owners and entrepreneurs are burdened with high taxes that stifle business growth and threaten personal wealth - but not our clients. At Meilinger, we save our clients thousands of dollars in taxes each year and we can do the same for you. Our proven strategies will empower you to build your wealth by paying less in taxes.

Rather than fighting the system, we use the tax code to your benefit by legally and ethically reducing your tax burden. We analyze your entire financial picture including business objectives, investment structures, and past tax returns to create a highly-effective tax plan. We constantly update this plan as tax laws and your financial situation change to continually control your tax liabilities. The results are, you pay the lowest amount of tax possible so you have the cashflow to embrace opportunities to grow your business and continue to increase your wealth.

Certified Tax Coach (CTC)

ctc logoMike Meilinger has earned the special designation of being a Certified Tax Coach (CTC). This means he is an expert in tax planning strategies and has the ability to identify tax credits, deductions, and loopholes that the average CPA, accountant, or Enrolled Agent does not know how to find. He will put his skills to work for you. Learn more about how we reduce taxes for small business owners by visiting our tax coaching website.

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