Why, How, What

At Meilinger, we empower people to reach their potential and grow into the most successful versions of themselves.


There is no question that business owners are the heart and soul, backbone, life blood, and any other term you could use for an absolutely vital component of the economy. Yet they are often the most stressed, least supported, and least rewarded. Business, at its essence, is controlled risk and is fraught with danger, pitfalls, and many opportunities for mistakes to be made. We work proactively with our clients to save them from making these mistakes and help them deal with them when they do occur. After all, it is business and the only constant in business is change and with that comes trial and error – which is only an opportunity to learn.


The way we help business owners grow into their potential is a three-pronged process: our Super 6, our Values, and our Offering. This is our commitment to you:

  • Every client has three people to look after them
  • We provide you with assistance in day-to-day matters by phone/email at no extra charge
  • We provide a fixed price quote prior to the commencement of any work   


As a client of Meilinger, you will receive the following outcomes:

  • Guarantee that you will pay the least amount of tax legally possible
  • Business and personal asset protection
  • A trusted sounding board, mentor, and confidant for your business and wealth creation
  • Peace of mind and value for money
  • Advice in plain, easy to understand English
  • Someone to deal with the IRS on your behalf