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Exit and Succession Planning Greenville tax planning services

As a successful business owner, you've spent years turning your vision into a successful enterprise but have you considered your exit strategy? For many entrepreneurs, the idea of their business operating without them is difficult to digest but preparing for that day is essential. With the right plan in place, you'll avoid unnecessary taxation, retire with the most cash in your pocket, and make a smooth transition when the time comes. Getting started is the hardest part so when you partner with Meilinger, we'll help you take the first steps and then walk you through the entire process. With us leading the way, preparing for this important time in your life will be both financially rewarding and tax-efficient.

Designing an exit strategy brings up lots of questions. How much is my business realistically worth? Should I sell the business or transfer it to a family member? How can I minimize the tax implications? As your trusted advisor, we'll help you get answers to all of your questions and work together to create the right exit strategy for you. Our team will analyze your complete financial situation, assess the current state of your business with a valuation, and then clearly explain all your best options. We'll patiently help you consider what you hope to achieve moving forward and pursue a plan that coordinates with your long-term wealth goals and personal priorities.

Exit and Retirement Planning

  • Business Valuation
  • Value Maximization
  • Succession Planning
  • Retirement Plan
  • Sale of Business

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